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John von Rhein's review of Baylado! from the Chicago Tribune, Feb. 2, 2002

Following up on the success of its 1999 debut recording, "Renaissance en Provence," the Terra Nova Consort offers listeners an unusual and satisfying new recording of 20 selections of folk and popular music from Renaissance Andalusia. The ensemble, which performs in residence at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is made up of three women and two men, all of whom both sing and play a variety of instruments -- violins, viols, records, vihuelas, guitars, guitarrias, percussion -- accompanying themselves in ethnic, folk and popular music. None of the selections is, strictly speaking, flamenco music; rather, they derive from a melting-pot of ethnic and stylistic sources in 15th and 16th Century Spain. Still, flamenco is what these selections will most sound like to the average listener, and these songs and dances (baylado means "danced" in Spanish) have a wonderfully infectious rhythmic vitality, from the spicy "Tan buen gandico" that opens the CD, to the heel-clicking, finger-snapping "Con Amores."

There are quiet moments, too, most of them instrumental solos. Terra Nova may be an all-American bunch of musicians but they sound here like the genuine Spanish article -- which is to say terrifically musical, stylish and full of spirit.

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