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Pat O'Scannell ~ Artistic Director of the Terra Nova Consort
Director, Arranger, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Teacher

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"gripping arrangements"
(Mittelbayrische Zeitung)

"In the instrumentation ...
everything has a very fluid and organic sense."
(Almanach, Tage Alter und Neue Musik 2000, Regensburg Germany)
"The pieces as a whole had a compositional sense about them which I admire very much ... reminds me a bit of the tune Bizet uses ..."
(Bill McLaughlin, host of St. Paul Sunday Morning)
"You whip up a different kind of storm"
(Bill McLaughlin)
"... successfully crosses the boundaries between early music and world music, with delightful results."
(Early Music Vancouver)

O'Scannell has been creating vibrant, unique and cutting-edge early music programs at the famed Oregon Shakespeare Festival for almost 15 years now. Her vibrant music has been heard on the bricks as part of the outdoor Green Shows by huge audiences nightly since 1990, when her ensemble The Terra Nova Consort took its residency at OSF. Since that time she has directed and arranged dozens of programs, and performed hundreds of times to enthusiastic listeners in Ashland as well as Seattle.

Her 14th century French program: Fauvel, King of Vice! was chosen in a nation-wide search for unrecorded early music programs sponsored by EMA and Millennium of Music, and was aired in a nationally syndicated broadcast out of Washington, D.C.

Her program "Renaissance en Provence" has won international acclaim, and in addition to being one of several of her programs to have stirred the interest of Dorian Recordings in the 1998 Dorian/EMA International recording Competition, it was also named "CD of the month" in Germany.

As a musical director, Ms. O'Scannell employs many techniques to develop a tight ensemble, create exciting arrangements, and convey deep emotion to the audience. Her programs grow and deepen over a period of time, and mature with age as spaces in the instrumentation leave room for further exploration by the players. Her skills are best used in a group coaching setting, when hands-on techniques for deepening musical ensemble experience can be employed. Her multi-instrumental and vocal background makes her the perfect coach for any ensemble.

Bachelor of Arts, Music Major, U. C. Riverside
Master Classes in Early Music History and Performance Practice

Classes/Workshops: Lanou Davenport, Rene Jacobs, Gustav Leonhart, Wieland Kuijken, Anthony Rooley, Emma Kirkby, Margriet Tindemans

Organ: Dr. Ben Herbert, Dr. Lyle Smith
Viola da Gamba: Carol Herman, Margriet Tindemans
Recorder: Magaret Weatherwax, Todd Barton

Renaissance en Provence: A lecture demonstration

Pat will lead a lively discussion and mini-concert probing the concepts at work in this special program, with members of the Terra Nova Consort. Several pieces will be broken down and put back together.

A more in-depth discussion with an emphasis on the structural elements present in arranging renaissance monody is also available for the aficionado.

This is best presented in a hands-on workshop format where participants can bring in pieces they would like to arrange.

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Deconstruction: Orchestrating Monody
An approach to secular Renaissance repertoire

A discussion on new techniques of  "deconstruction" as a way of reducing music to its core essence, clearing the way for the creation of unique arrangements. This approach additionally draws upon contemporary traditional practices to explore historically informed performances. These two principles enable us to create new settings using monophonic melodies, while allowing the freedom to step into the realm of artistic sensibility when filling in the blanks.

An exploration of Terra Nova’s repertoire and approach, specifically through the "Renaissance en Provence" and "Baylado" programs, with an emphasis on the use of techniques and sources outside of those typical to early music, drawing upon the oral tradition, as well as incorporating performance practices still in use today within the traditional music genre. The use of techniques commonly associated with medieval repertoire for arranging and setting tunes in realizing instrumentation for secular renaissance monody.

A brief history of the group will be followed by a discussion of how Terra Nova found its niche and how programming choices are made. Aspects of the group’s overlying philosophy will be explored, such as the emphasis on improvisation, virtuosity, oral tradition, and ethnic musical practices.

A sample program will be taken from start to finish, giving insight into the minute decisions which create music of depth and lead to lasting performing experiences of breadth and infinite variety.

Classes are available in four formats:

  • Lecture
  • Master Class
  • Lecture-demo and mini-concert using the Terra Nova Consort
  • Participatory workshops: a more in-depth format in which participants bring their own arrangements or music to explore orchestrations with The Terra Nova Consort

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The Chameleon Voice: Singing Early Music

A discussion of how choices in repertoire, register and resources can be used by singers to create an instrument capable of ultimate flexibility and breadth.

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The Wild, Exotic Shawm

A discussion of how the incorporation of techniques for playing with a free-vibrating reed can be used to create an exciting and engaging timbre.  How repertoire can be explored which may really show off this unique and exotic instrument.

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Ensemble Coaching

Coaches both early instrumental and vocal ensembles with equal skill with styles ranging from the Medieval period through the Baroque.

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